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Simplify Your Spa and Retail Sales

Capital POS Systems in Houston, Texas, offers the latest technology in managing spa and retail sales with our credit card processing systems. We provide the point-of-sale solutions you need to spend more time focusing on your salon, spa, or retail store clients, and less time worrying about the inventory and financial aspects of your business.

Credit Cards

Spa, and Salon POS Systems

Our POS systems include SalonEZ POS products for the spa, and salon industries to help you code your inventory, scan products, and tally each sale, it includes Appointment Module. Our systems also maintain multiple business locations in one database, and keep an inventory of what the store is selling and what new products are coming in. In addition, you can track individual employee sales for the day, which reduces the cost of theft or manual errors. Every sale is entered into the system, so you can set goals for the day and compute daily revenue.

Credit Card Processing

In addition to POS systems, we support credit card processing merchants, allowing us to offer to you the new EMV-ENB chip technology, which is required by federal law for the security of cardholders. If you do not have the chip technology, you could be held responsible for any charge-backs, as credit card companies do not offer credit card protection. Our credit card processing solutions are the most current technology on the market and work seamlessly with our POS systems.

Also ask us about the new Surcharge/Cash Discount Program in which you can eliminate up to 100% of credit card processing fees.

Onsite Demos

We provide on-site consultations which include free, in-person demos to show how our POS systems work in real time. Our demo includes information on how you can save money by using our computer versus a cash register. We also show you how the system can reduce theft in your store or restaurant.